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MusicIsLove by Uchiha-Kinaxxx MusicIsLove :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 1 9
Mature content
Bitter :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 1 18
The Ice Mage Owo by Uchiha-Kinaxxx The Ice Mage Owo :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 2 29 Mermaid's Tail 1 by Uchiha-Kinaxxx Mermaid's Tail 1 :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 3 12 Moriko-First Sketch-Coloured by Uchiha-Kinaxxx Moriko-First Sketch-Coloured :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 2 11 Thank You Guys XD by Uchiha-Kinaxxx Thank You Guys XD :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 1 27 Old Character - Coloured by Uchiha-Kinaxxx Old Character - Coloured :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 1 9
Accidental Incidents Chapter 3
Edward Elric sat in the confines of his room, quietly watching the rain falling beyond the glass of his window. His mind kept flicking back to the events of his day so far. The incident in the mess hall in which the Colonel had slipped and dragged the blonde down on top of him. The accidental kiss they had shared in the library.
A small blush graced his cheeks as he thought about it.
Ed’s arm slid free from under the bookshelf, paper in hand. As he turned to thank the colonel, their lips collided in a soft kiss. The blonde’s eyes went wide and for a moment he was too shocked to even move. Then his cheeks flared and he pulled back, watching the emotions register across his superior’s features.
The teen blinked once, blinked twice, then turned and ran from the library, not caring if the Librarian scolded him again.
Ed couldn’t believe it had happened. He closed his eyes, a scowl present on his face as the scenario played over and over in his mind.
I suppose it did
:iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 2 19
The Letter - FullmetalxFlame -
The door slammed behind them as the two stormed into the office, yelling as they went.
“I come all the way out here just to see you and that’s all you have to say?!”
“Can it, Fullmetal!! I don’t want people in here asking what the racket is!”
“Don’t give me that crap you bastard!!” Edward slammed his hands down against the desk as the colonel sat down. “Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed?! Don’t want everyone hearing about it, is that it?”
“Embarrassed? This coming from the runt who can’t even bring himself to give his report? How many buildings did you flatten this time?!”
“What the hell are you talking about?! This isn’t about the report and you know it!!” The Fullmetal Alchemist glared across at his superior, a look of confusion crossing the man’s face.
“Eh? If it’s not about the report then why are you here?” Roy looked up at him blankly, this serving only to make t
:iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 5 17
Crazy ID 8D by Uchiha-Kinaxxx Crazy ID 8D :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 2 27
Renru - Chapter One -Extended-
Two lone figures stood, conversing in the shadows of the expansive garden. Eyes watching the every move of a young girl and her friends just metres away.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“… What choice do I have? She’s the only one who knows where it is.” The teenage boy stepped forward, his silver hair glimmering lightly as the pale moonlight hit it.
“Takeo …”
He continued, ignoring his companion as she tried to call him back, until he was beside the one they had been observing.
She was young and pretty, her long blonde hair plaited all the way to the ground. And the light blue strapless dress she wore suited her well.
“Excuse me? Miss Kiyoko?”
Clear dark eyes turned to meet his and the girl smiled, giving him a look that said to continue.
“I have something I need to discuss with you. Could you spare a few moments?”
----- ----- -----
Takeo leant forward on the railing, looking out over the night sky. From the bench be
:iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 1 12
Chibeh Kina iz deadz o-o by Uchiha-Kinaxxx Chibeh Kina iz deadz o-o :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 3 21
The Sky Is The Limit ...
The sky is the limit, our time is our boundary.
As the sands of time
keep drifting on by
I can feel all my dreams
begin to untie
Looking on up
At an unending sky
I'm hoping that one day
I'll be soaring high
:iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 1 10
Allen And Road 8D by Uchiha-Kinaxxx Allen And Road 8D :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 15 12
Accidental Incidents Chapter 1
Central. The military’s base of operations. Calm, peaceful and-
“What the hell you bastard?!”
Every person present in the mess hall at that moment stopped dead, heads turning towards the source of the yelling. On the floor between the rows of tables, the Flame Alchemist was sprawled out, a smaller figure straddling his hips.
“Stop shouting, Fullmetal.”
Edward Elric grabbed the collar of  his superior’s uniform.
“Why should I? You pulled me over!!”
“And you’re sitting on me. Now we’re even.”
A look of confusion spread across the teen’s face, followed by a look of realisation as the blue material slipped from his fingers. He then started flailing his arms about, the words stringing from his mouth too fast for any human to comprehend.
Mustang sat up as best he could with Ed on his lap and grasped the boy’s chin. The flailing stopped instantaneously as he made eye contact.
“Shut up Fullmetal.”
The col
:iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 5 12
The Unstoppable Duo by Uchiha-Kinaxxx The Unstoppable Duo :iconuchiha-kinaxxx:Uchiha-Kinaxxx 2 22
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Silent Howling: Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Vanguard
Jonas was edgy sitting in the cockpit of Silent Howl. He was eyeing up his new 'MARVE' rifle with glee. This had been a really good find, the gun was notorious, it fired faster without sacrificing killing power, Jonas liked this.
His new rifle was all it took to distract from the fact that Omer Science engineers were busy strapping a huge rocket to his back, it was almost the size of Silent Howl itself. The Vanguard Overed-booster was a new invention by the League of Ruling Companies that allowed Nexts to get to battle zones with insane speed. They used up fuel quickly though and were only good for about five minutes of flight time which, at that point it would break apart and fall off the back, leaving the Next with only it's momentum to glide them into action. It was however highly experimental, but Jonas was getting highly compensated for this. He didn't have a choice in the matter, Ellysia picked this mission so he had to tag along. It was only four days ago th
:iconzybledryva:ZybleDryva 2 9
Love You+Hate You by Fabio-Barboni Love You+Hate You :iconfabio-barboni:Fabio-Barboni 17,016 864 + Mad World + by goku-no-baka + Mad World + :icongoku-no-baka:goku-no-baka 5,384 502 Tree Fairy by any-s-kill Tree Fairy :iconany-s-kill:any-s-kill 3,775 215 PKMN: Dragonite by MoogleGurl PKMN: Dragonite :iconmooglegurl:MoogleGurl 710 102 Killer Kitty by MathieuBeaulieu Killer Kitty :iconmathieubeaulieu:MathieuBeaulieu 5,429 646 Where's Wesker... by NoWhereMedia Where's Wesker... :iconnowheremedia:NoWhereMedia 14 13 Gym Uniform Schwann by AhomikoJD Gym Uniform Schwann :iconahomikojd:AhomikoJD 10 18 Crayons, bitch by AhomikoJD Crayons, bitch :iconahomikojd:AhomikoJD 19 16 :Smiley+Skeleton: by Gasara :Smiley+Skeleton: :icongasara:Gasara 369 52 CRIMSON HARDCORE by redjuice999 CRIMSON HARDCORE :iconredjuice999:redjuice999 11,709 397 Kadaj - Megalopolis by NanjoKoji Kadaj - Megalopolis :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 849 68



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